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We will be posting additional resources here in the coming weeks. Our goal is to provide resources that will help you as you seek to grow in relationship with God. These will fall into 3 basic categories: Worksheets, Bible Studies, and Outside Links. Some of these will be out in June 2013 with others to be added as they are developed.

Worksheets from the book:
Here are some (but not yet all) of the worksheets included in the appendices of Designed for Relationship. These tools will be best understood and used in the context of the book, and we encourage you to read the book rather than just jumping in here. We pray that these resources will help you to grow in your relationship with God.

The Five Circles Diagram
Table for Reflection A4 
Table for Reflection - Letter Format
Table for Application A4
Table for Application -Letter Format

Bible Studies:
We believe that everything we are teaching is, and must be, founded on the Scriptures. So, we have asked friends to create guided bible studies for individual or group use. We will post those here.

Trinity Study Series - A4 Format
Trinity Study Series - Letter Format
The Five Circles Bible Study - A4 Format
The Five Circles Bible Study - Letter Format

Outside Links:
While we believe we are making a valuable contribution to the community, we recognize that Designed for Relationship is a part of the ongoing conversation with and about God, and ourselves. We appreciate those who have gone before us, and those journeying with us. Here are a few links to resources we hope you will find helpful.

An Interview with Michael Reeves about delighting in the Trinity.

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If you have suggestions for tools or resources you would like, please let us know in the comments section below.

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