“I have read scores of books that tell me what God is like; here is one that actually shows me how to find out for myself. This is a must read for anyone who truly desires to follow the Greatest Commandment of loving God with all that we are.”
— ROMAN SANCHEZ, Senior Pastor, Galilee Baptist Church 
     Denver, Colorado

“In medicine we have a tendency to treat only a patient’s body and neglect other areas that can affect a person’s health. In the Church, we often commit a similar error by applying the same spiritual remedies to all ailments. Designed for Relationship seeks to correct this error. I recommend this book for new Christians, for those who feel stagnant in their relationship with God, for Christian leaders that provide spiritual direction to others, and for anyone who is seeking to love God with their whole being.”
     Plano, Texas

"TJ McLeslie's Designed for Relationship offers hope to all who hunger and thirst for a deeper, more authentic intimacy with God. His 'Five Circles' concept, formed in the crucible of sometimes painful life experience and tested in the arena of Kingdom ministry, provides a holistic understanding of how God has designed us and offers practical help for taking intentional steps toward a rich and growing relationship with God. I have been spurred on to deeper intimacy with God through my friend's life, and I am confident that readers will be encouraged and inspired by his book.”
— ARTHUR PETERS, International Director, Pioneers

“If the passion in your eyes has dimmed over the years, leaving you longing for a deeper draught of God, or if you disciple others and yearn to lead them in ways that open up richer intimacy with God, then this book will prove a blessing.”
— CLIFF POWELL, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, The Mindspace
     Sydney, Australia; author of Unloading the Overload

“This is a crucial book for all believers! No matter where you are at in your journey with God this book guides us back to the foundation we were meant to live from—the place of intimate fellowship with the living God, drawing our identity from Him, our joy from Him, our sense of fulfilment from Him. TJ MacLeslie invites us on the most exhilarating journey we could ever take.”
— RYAN SHAW, International Lead Facilitator, SVM2

“TJ MacLeslie's holistic approach to relationship with God is both refreshing and timely. I found in this book a pathway on how to face the struggle of strengthening my faith in an authentic and challenging way. This book will be a valuable aid in discipleship.”
— PHIL HIBBERT, Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church 
     Llantwit Major, Wales

Designed for Relationship is a lively and creative roadmap of insights written in a personal style revealing what it takes for you to develop a healthy and dynamic relationship with God. Filled with helpful cues and inventive insights, this book will guide any thirsty soul to a fresh discovery of the heart of God and the abundant life He has promised every believer.”
— DR. JERRY RUEB, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church
     Long Beach, California

"TJ MacLeslie brings wisdom and balance in what it means to experience relationship with God and live with Him in a more life-giving and full-orbed way. I believe this will be a great resource for leaders to whom I minister; not only for themselves but also for those they touch through ministry."
— ELLEN BURANY, Spiritual Director and Team Leader
     ChurchNEXT, Church Resource Ministries

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