Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Q and A with Neil Angove

Many people have commented on how much they like the design of the cover and the feel of the book. Neil Angove was the book designer for DfR, and we decided to ask him a few questions.

So, here's a peek into the mind of our creative designer:

Q. How did you come to work on this project?

A. Relationship is at the core of sustainable design. The word 'sustainability' is not fully understood, yet when we encounter activity and behaviour which are truly sustainable, a pattern emerges, a common theme – that of interconnected relationship. The author and I share relationships within an interconnected community, here in Wales. We share our diverse capabilities and, for this project, my specific contribution is sustainable, relational graphic design.

Q. What was your inspiration?

A. A relational design process is collaborative. Together we have conversations – and inspiration is informed by shared ideas. In general, a given design project is defined by practical requirements – medium, method of production, words, pictures, etc… and conceptual definitions – by objective, aspiration, audience, content, graphic language, etc… Here in Wales, 'Five Circles' and the 'Triquetra' symbol conceptually evoke spiritual, cultural undertones – depicted through Celtic Christian imagery. Combined, these influences directed me toward a contemplative aesthetic, where text, speaking from generous page spaces, offers unhurried time to the meditative reader.

Q. What is the significance of the cover?

A. Humanity's natural environment is The Garden, Eden in relationship with Elohim. We are incised, inscribed as Image-bearers of Elohim – each of us marked, a facet of our interconnectedness with Them. But 'The Tree' dispersed these diverse images – disconnected. Humanity is that stone, bearing diverse Divine inscriptions. We belong Here – These are our Places. Even from a disconnected state, we can glimpse The Light piercing The Garden trees of our ancient un-remembered Places. Within the circles of our humanity, our ancestral memories know that we are designed for relationship.

Neil Angove lives in that ancient Celtic land, Wales. He specializes in collaborative sustainable practice through his work as a graphic communicator and as a university lecturer. He may be contacted by eMail at neil@neilangove.ltd.uk or nangove@cardiffmet.ac.uk .

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